Day 5: January 5th, 2015

Werewolf Attack!
On the night of the full moon…

Today I left my sketch of the day until quite late in the evening because I was busy most of the day.  I made the mistake of mentioning to my husband that I hadn’t decided what to sketch yet.  So of course he grabs a random werewolf statue that my best friend gave me as a present a few years ago and plops it in front of me.

“You can draw a werewolf” he says enthusiastically.  I eyed the statue a bit dubiously and saying something along the lines of “You couldn’t have chosen something easy, eh?”.  His ever so helpful reply to that thought was a suggestion that I could try to draw all of the characters on the cover of our Small World board game instead.  Thanks dear.  Never one to back down from a challenge I opted to give the werewolf statue a shot.

So here’s my werewolf sketch!  I didn’t have too long to spend on it since I got started so late and still want to have some wind down time with my husband before bed.  Nonetheless, I gave it a shot.  His head is a bit too big for his body.  The statue was much better proportioned, I just didn’t copy them very precisely.  Still, I think he mostly looks like a werewolf.  Better than this guy at least.  So now I’ve done Zombies and Werewolves and I’m only 5 days in!  I wonder which classic horror monster will be up next…


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