Day 3: January 3rd, 2015

"Excuse me while I let out some air."
“Flying makes me a better healthcare companion!”

Day three and still going.  Eventually I’ll come up with better post titles that the date … really I will.  I didn’t come up with any exciting new ideas for things to sketch on day three of my 365 day challenge so here is Baymax! As promised … or hinted anyway.  I should probably stop regarding everything I say I might do as a promise to some unknown entity.  This one worked out alright though because Baymax is really quite fun to draw.

So yeah, yesterday I saw Big Hero 6 in the cinema.  It didn’t come out here until Boxing Day so I had a long wait.  If I’m honest, I was in love with this film before I even saw it so in the interest of full disclosure I am definitely not unbiased.  Although, with how excited I was to see it I suppose I could have ended up really hating it if it didn’t deliver.  Luckily that wasn’t an issue.

I’m really digging what the Disney Animation team is doing these days.  Tangled was a fun movie, Wreck-it-Ralph was fantastic, I didn’t love Frozen as much as the rest of the world seems to but visually speaking it was quite impressive.  I love the character design sketches and concept art for Frozen even if I wasn’t all that keen on the plot and pacing of the movie.  Big Hero 6 though was the best so far.  It was phenomenal visually.  It was cute and funny, the characters were great and the plot was fairly simple, well developed and well executed.  I was really impressed with this.  It’s my favourite 3D animated movie since How to Train Your Dragon and my favourite Marvel Superhero movie since … well Guardians of the Galaxy I suppose but I liked it better as a superhero movie than most of the Marvel flicks before Guardians too.

I enjoyed the short at the start of Big Hero 6 as well.  It wasn’t quite as good as Paperman (from the beginning of Wreck-it-Ralph) but still very cute and worth checking out.  The Pixar team needs to pick up its game.  The last time I enjoyed a Pixar movie as much as I’ve been enjoying the Disney Animated Studio movies of late was Wall-E.  I suppose they don’t need to compete since they all fall under the Disney umbrella but if they don’t stop shelling out endless sequels they’ll become the Disney B-team.  Inside Out looks quite interesting though so maybe I should be more optimistic.  Either way, Disney has finally recaptured my childhood excitement.  Back in the early days of the internet I spent almost all my time researching Disney movies, looking up plots, character designs and biographies and of course, most importantly, finding pictures to print out and colour in.  I thought that love of Disney films had died but apparently it just went into a long hibernation.

Baymax is a wonderful character.  He brings a tremendous amount of heart to the film.  His character design is, just like the plot of the film, quite simple and yet exactly perfect for getting the point across.  He is a perfect comic relief character while still being very serious and dependable.  Most importantly, he is lovable and fun to draw :).

Don’t worry, I’ll resist the urge to just draw Baymax every day for the next year.  I’m sure I can find some other fun things to draw.  Or boring things … whatever works.


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