Day 2: January 2, 2015

Random Girl on Train
Random Girl on Train

Alright, I’ve made it to day two! Not quite ready to throw in the towel yet.  I spent today out and about.  Went into the city, visited some stores, went to see Big Hero 6 which I loved.

Of course I still had to squeeze in a sketch of the day amidst all this excitement so here’s a terrible portrait of one of the other passengers on the train I took in to town.  She had the unfortunate luck of being seated in a position where I could get a good look at her.  Her sunglasses really were perfectly straight in real life but they don’t seem to have come out that way on paper.  I might try to fix that if I wasn’t so tired but it’s late so this will have to do.

I take comfort in the fact that she is completely unrecognizable and thus even if she magically stumbled across this page she couldn’t be offended because she would never know that it was her.  I’m going to blame the moving train, the blunt pecil and the fact that I developed motion sickness halfway through sketching this … Okay, no more excuses.  I will get better, I promise!

In the meantime, go watch Big Hero 6.  It’s awesome.  Maybe tomorrow’s sketch will be Baymax.  I can’t possibly screw that up, right?


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